Let my people go.

Equip yourself with the tools to lead a transformative Exodus 90 fraternity for your brothers. And watch what the Lord does through your ‘yes’.

Moses went up to gain instruction to lead God’s people to freedom.

This is your Mount Sinai.

  • Nine 90-second sessions on how to lead a transformative Exodus 90 fraternity.
  • A roundtable podcast with in-depth discussions on navigating issues that come up in fraternity life.
  • Promo tools that help you build awareness of Exodus in your community.

Nine, 90-second Lessons

Take a quick dive into fraternity leadership in Exodus 90. What do you need to know? How do you set up your fraternity meeting? What are the best tips for inviting men to join you? These questions and more are answered in this quick course.

Order and download all the tools you need to promote Exodus in your area

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The 90-Man Challenge Promo Kit

The Burning Bush

A roundtable podcast of Exodus fraternity leaders from around the world discussing the topics that can help you provide a transformative experience for your brothers.
Beyond Myself

Beyond Myself

What occurred to me during my first Exodus was how interconnected we all are. I started to see how my virtue or lack thereof affected those I was in a relationship with. My faith is not just between myself and God β€” it’s communal.

Are you a leader?
Fraternity Leadership

Are you a leader?

It is not difficult to become a saint. When Jan Tyranowski first heard those words, he was sitting in a pew at Mass. It was during that Sunday homily that his life changed forever β€” and so did the Church. He began to study the lives of the saints β€” and St John of the…